Introducing Initiatives in Social Inclusion in the Arts and Culture Throughout the World.
From avatar robots that help people with disabilities, art projects that work against social injustices in Indoneisa, to socially prescriptive initiatives in Taiwan, the Exhibits showcase the contemporary, socially inclusive enterprises in the arts and culture.

Dates and Venue


July 3 (Sunday) to July 7 (Thursday), 2022 9:30 a.m. - 5:30 p.m.


LB floor Citizen’s Gallery1 (Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum)

Innovation Design Exhibits

Designing Futures Societies with Technology

We will showcase products manufactured by organizations and creators presenting and/or participating in the International Conference, as well as works created by participants of the Intensive Sound Co-Creation Workshop “Resonant Bodies.”
How can our application of technology better improve the society in which we live? The examples showcased here provides a glimpse into how people with disabilities participate in society as “lead users,” how we can share our learnings and practices with each other, and how next-generation practitioners might render innovations toward a brighter, more inclusive future.

Ory Laboratory

Avatar Robot DAWN ver. β: Making Remote Work Possible for People with Physical Restrictions

OryLab Inc.
OryLab Inc.

exiii design

“HACKberry” , “WF01TR” , “CFREX”


Jun’ichi Kanebako

Kyōyū musical instruments “Touch the sound picnic,” “ratatap,” “Wearing the Musical Instruments,” “Mountain Guitar”

Kyōyū musical instruments “Touch the sound picnic,” “ratatap,” “Wearing the Musical Instruments,” “Mountain Guitar”
“Wearing the Musical Instruments,”
Photo: Kyohei Matsuda

Intensive Sound Co-Creation Workshop Camp "Resonant Bodies":
Public presentations


  • Akihisa Shitara (Ph.D. student, University of Tsukuba)
  • Aoi Nogi (Marimba Player)
  • Hiroko Oshima (Scenographer, Theatre Workshop Facilitator)
  • Kazuki Karakami (Student, Nihon University College of Art)
  • Koki Hoshi (Learning Experience Designer)
  • Marie Nagasue (Master's student, Keio University)
  • Masashi Koyama (Dance Artist)
  • Masato Takemura (Director of FABLAB Hamamatsu TAKE-SPACE Director)
  • Misa Haneda (Artist)
  • Peng Chia HUANG (master's student, Institute of Advanced Media Arts and Sciences [IAMAS])
  • Ritsuko Matsumoto (Marimba Player)
  • Ritsuko Miyake (Artist, Pointillist)
  • Ryo Morita (Composer, Illustrator, Designer / Signal compose Inc.)
  • Sasa/Marie (Deaf Sign Poet,Organizer of Poetry Unit Denchu-Gumi)
  • Shintaro Ono (Freelance Developer)
  • Takahiro Kitayama (CEO of KAMAKE no SUSUME Corporation)
  • Tomaki Maeda (Weekend Artist)
  • Tomoya Matsumura (Representative Director, NPO NEW VISION)
  • Tsugumasa Yutani (Enigineer / Electronic Instrument Maker / Master's student, Tsukuba University)
  • Yoru Nakagawa (Writer, Author)
  • Yumiko Tachibana (Lecturer, Shizuoka University)

Archival Exhibits

Cultural Institutions and their Initiatives in Inclusivity
-What Creative can do for Society

We introduce initiatives carried out by three cultural facilities and a collective in the Asian region. The type and objectives of the facilities and collective introduced here differ. However, what they have in common is that they suggest new approaches in thinking about and challenging the paradigms of inclusivity in the highly complex and diversified society we inhabit. Their initiatives offer insights into how cultural facilities and artistic practices can address societal challenges and spearhead new social values for the future.

National Human Rights Museum

Ayo!Ayo! Tomorrow Must Be Better

Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum

Social design activities in the ‘Art Communication Project’

Struggles for Sovereignty: Land, Water, Farming, Food

Meet ‘Struggles for Sovereignty:Land, Water, Farming, Food'

Clement Space

A Calm Space for All

An installation by Singaporean artist Dawn-joy Leong, this is a calm space for you to stop by and rest your senses.
We welcome you to take a breath and unwind for as long as you would like.

Dawn-joy Leong

Clement Space @Tokyo

Clement Space @Tokyo
Photo: Dawn-joy Leong