Creative Well-being Tokyo Open Access to Culture Project

Conference(Plenary Sessions)

The main part of Creative Well-being Tokyo’s international conference is the titular conference itself, which features a conference and subcommittee on five key themes related to promoting diversity and inclusion in arts and culture: well-being, diversity, inclusive design, accessibility, and building connections and places of belonging. The conference welcomes policymakers, researchers, practitioners, and creatives not only from arts and culture fields but a range of disciplines and areas to raise common issues and challenges from an international perspective.

Dates and Venue

July 2 (Saturday) – July 4 (Monday), 2022
Auditorium, Heiseikan (Tokyo National Museum)

*The Opening ceremony, Keynote lectures, and Plenary Sessions will be live-streamed online. Sign-in unnecessary for online viewing. Free to watch online live-stream during July 2 - 4, 2022.

Participation Fee


Accessibility and Support

English-Japanese simultaneous interpretation, sign language interpretation (Japanese–Japanese sign language), text-based support (UD Talk), advance availability of materials

Capacity of the venue

171 persons (First-come, first-served basis)