About this Project

Creative Well-being Tokyo Open Access to Culture Project

The Tokyo Metropolitan Foundation for History and Culture has organized the Creative Well-being Tokyo since 2021 to improve accessibility and expand opportunities for people to view, create, and present arts and culture. With a particular focus on older adults, people with disabilities, non-Japanese, and young children, it aims to harness the power of arts and culture as well as the resources of the city’s public cultural institutions to contribute to solving the challenges that Tokyo faces, such as the aging society and social inclusion.

The project boosts information accessibility at cultural facilities, and undertakes concrete arts and culture programs so that everyone, regardless of ability or age, can enjoy viewing, participating, and creating.

Projects and initiatives by Creative Well-being Tokyo aiming for social inclusion and diversity through arts and culture

Project Purpose

  • Improving
    In keeping with national law
    and guidelines,
    upgrading facilities so that
    everyone can enjoy arts and
    culture regardless of ability or age
  • Diversity of Values
    Developing initiatives in response
    to the varied needs of older adults,
    people with disabilities,
    (nonnative Japanese speakers,
    those with roots outside Japan),
    families with young children,
    and more,
    and so shaping diverse values
    through culture
  • Expanding
    Social Inclusion
    through Arts and Culture
    Engaging with inclusivity
    at cultural facilities,
    building the social values of
    arts and culture,
    undertaking comprehensive
    project communication,
    and turning the city’s
    cultural institutions and
    administration into models
    for others to follow

About the Tokyo Metropolitan Foundation for History and Culture

Through the management of twelve cultural institutions (Tokyo Metropolitan Teien Art Museum, Edo-Tokyo Museum, Edo-Tokyo Open Air Architectural Museum, Tokyo Photographic Art Museum, Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo, Tokyo Shibuya Koen-dori Gallery, Tokyo Arts and Space Hongo, Tokyo Arts and Space Residency, Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum, Tokyo Bunka Kaikan, Tokyo Metropolitan Theatre, and Suitengu Pit) and programs organized by Arts Council Tokyo, the Tokyo Metropolitan Foundation for History and Culture undertakes the conservation and utilization of artworks and materials, provides opportunities to experience culture, promotes music and the performing arts, engages in training and education, and disseminates and builds a foundation for arts and culture.


Arts Council Tokyo
Tokyo Metropolitan Foundation for History and Culture

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